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Arsenal beats Tottenham at Lane, sets up meeting with Sheffield Wednesday

Arsenal yesterday evening shrugged off the disappointments of the recent way loses to Dinamo Zagreb in Champions league and Chelsea in Barclay’s premier league to dispatched Tottenham Hotspour with two goals to one.

Matthew Flamini who is now the top joint scorer in Arsenal disappointed many Arsenal’s fan by scoring a brace for the gunners. His first goal came at 26th minute while the second one came at 78th minute while Tottenham lone goal came when Chambers deflected Chadli’s shot into his own net. It is worthy of note that the Frenchman has only scored four goals since rejoining Arsenal in 2013.

Meanwhile, Arsenal will travel to Sheffield Wednesday for the fourth round tie. Manchester United and Manchester City were rewarded with home draws in the fourth round of the Capital One Cup.

Louis van Gaal’s side will host Championship side Middlesbrough having eased past Ipswich 3-0 at Old Trafford on Wednesday night.

Manchester City will welcome Crystal Palace to the Etihad Stadium, while Sheffield Wednesday’s reward for beating Newcastle United is a home game against Arsenal, 2-1 conquerors of Tottenham at White Hart Lane.  There are four other all Premier League ties with Everton playing Norwich, Southampton paired with Aston Villa and Stoke hosting the holders Chelsea.

Up gunners

Unstoppable Flamini

Unstoppable Flamini


How is your sex life?

Is Your Sex Life Normal

You just got home from a romantic dinner with your partner. You have candles burning in the bedroom and soft music playing in the background. When it’s time to get intimate, though, you realize you’re not quite ready.

It’s stressful, but it’s also normal for your body and your libido to change as you get older.

“Not all changes are bad, or a sign that something’s wrong with you,” Almost half the guys out there have some sexual issues in their 40s and 50s.

“Men are just less likely to talk about it, so you may not be hearing from friends or family members that they’re dealing with it, too,”

Signs of Change

Your erections are different. You may not get erect as fast as you used to. Or you may need more foreplay to get aroused. You might lose your erection sooner, too, sometimes before you climax. These issues are called erectile dysfunction.

ED becomes more common with age. Often, that’s because there’s less blood flow to your penis. Or your body might be making less of the hormone testosterone. Health conditions like diabetes, depression, heart disease, and high blood pressure also increase the odds of getting ED. Sometimes the medications you take to treat them also cause problems.

Your climaxes aren’t as powerful. “Many men over 40 notice that their orgasms are weaker. They might have less fluid when they ejaculate, too,” Siegel says. Changes in your body that come with age are probably to blame. Weak pelvic floor muscles, for example, can cause trouble with ejaculation.

You’re not in the mood as often. A lagging libido can frustrate both you and your partner. After years of wanting sex all the time, some men say the lack of interest feels like losing an important part of who they are.

Why does this happen? Lower levels of testosterone can dampen desire,

But that’s not the only reason. “As you get older, life stressors like money, kids, and career pressure can make it more difficult to get and stay interested in sex,” So can medications, alcohol, depression, and major illnesses.

Take These Steps

Find ways to relax. The more stressed you are, the less likely you are to think about sex — and thinking about it can get you in the mood. Stress hormones close up your blood vessels. That can add to ED.

Get moving. Active men have fewer sexual problems. Exercise boosts blood flow throughout your body. That includes the penis. It also staves off depression, heart disease, stress, and other problems that can zap your sex life.

Do Kegels. You may think of Kegels as exercises for women, but men should do them, too. They strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which are “crucial” for sex, Siegel says.

To do one, tighten and hold the muscles that control your flow of urine for about 5 seconds. Then relax them. Do at least two to three sets of 10 a day.

Make good health a goal. You might have sleep problems and gain weight as you get older. Both can lead to lower testosterone levels, says Lee T. Gettler, PhD, an assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Notre Dame. They can also affect your desire and ability to have sex. Eat healthy food and get enough shut-eye to help yourself in and out of the sack.

Go easy on alcohol. More than one to two drinks a day can fuel many health problems — and it affects your hormone levels. If you smoke, quit. “Tobacco closes blood vessels, which can make erection problems much worse,” Siegel says.

See a doctor. Not ready to chat about your love life with your primary care doc? Find one who specializes in urology or sexual health.

Your doctor should rule out other things that could be to blame for erection problems. These include high blood pressure, diabetes, or an enlarged prostate. He may do a blood test to check your testosterone levels.

They drop as you age. Tbc

Let the fire fall

Any man or woman that is plotting your downfall, planning the downfall of your family and ministry, anyone who say you will not make progress, anyone using diabolical power to fight your prosperity, I pray the God of Elijah show up and fire come from heaven, fall upon and consume them in Jesus name.

Fire from above

Fire from above


Any hand that is holding; your blessing, your promotion, your advancement in life, your house and cars, your children, your life hostage, let the fire of God set such hand ablaze in the mighty name of Jesus. Any evil hand that is preventing your promotion, Oya catch fire. Any hand of any man or woman that is plotting to cause you sorrowsorrow, may gaseous fire locate such hand and destroy it completely.

My Sister.

God designed that man should be the head of any house as Christ is the head of His church. What if a Church claims superiority over Jesus Christ? Some women, though highly educated and anointed find it difficult to submit to their head. Anyone who does that is manifesting Jezebel’s anointing. She might not be a witch perse, she is in the same mold/class as Herodia, Delilah and Queen Vashti. These women always want to be above their husband. They found it difficult to submit.

Check your life dearest sister, if you exhibit any of the traits of these bad examples, repent and do the right thing.

In submission lies the power of a woman. A man with a womb is what is known as a WO(mb)man. Eph 5:21 is very clear about women’s submission.

Your educational status, your financial stand and social connection shouldn’t make you rude or fail to submit to your husband.

After all, you agreed to marry him despite all the flaws you now hate.

This also goes out to the singles out there. That nagging, stubborn disposition will only give you more headaches and heartaches. Don’t marry him if you finds it difficult to respect and submit to him. You might be praying amiss if you do contrary to this simple truth.

Treat your man like a King and he will treat you like a queen. Even if he refuses to reciprocate the gesture, do your best to fulfill the scriptures. Even if you are the breadwinner now, don’t disrespect him. Queen Esther by her chastity delivered the Jews in the Babylon.

You are his helpmate not his superior. You must respect, honour and submit to Him. I pray that God will enlightened someone to see and receive life from this post in Jesus name. God bless our sisters.

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A disease not well diagnosed may not be well treated. The first thing to do is to critically examine the cause of the emotional pathology. Getting the right diagnosis is the key. Once a cause is determined, the next line of action is to treat it logically.

These steps might be of help viz,

=Stop confusing imagination with reality. I have seen a man who is always thinking of his wife having an affair. Though he couldn’t find any evidence against the woman. He had issues with so many people including his in-laws. The problem was in his imagination. There are always moments of ebbs and lows in everyone life. Next time you feel insecure, ask yourself what you are imagining.

=Stop mind reading. Mind reading exist when you preempt someone actions. or inactions

When you feel you know what the other person is thinking. Allow people to enjoy their privacy. Stop pestering people with unnecessary reassurance questions.

=Bury the dead.

Most people find it difficult burying their cadavers. Have you seen a man whose a loved one died but refuses to commit such to the mother earth? Such is the case with many people. They have the corpse of their loved ones on their head. If you are quick to always go back to your note, your diary, or phone conversations or SMS to dig out the past sins of your friend, then, you will have much more problems.

Bury the dead. Forget the ills of the previous relationship. Stop comparing the current relationship to the past ones. The previous relationship might be hell, don’t respond to this one defensively, angrily or with animosity. Take time to study this new relationship and take it to God in prayer.

Avoid all form of extreme and destructive comparison which can lead to destructive overgeneralization such as “all men are cheat and lying bastards” or ‘ladies are mosquitoes’

Experience is a Teacher. You might even be one at fault in the aborted engagement. Learn and take time to study the person and respond positively.

Don’t allow the unforgiving spirit to rub you of your blessings.

=Avoid Certainty Traps. If you set traps for him/her, be sure you are gonna find what you are looking for. We look the same but see differently. Stop looking for problems where non existed. The man or woman he’s conversing with might be your family’s angel. Don’t always jump to conclusion that they are in illicit affairs. Many people by so doing have missed their opportunities in life.

=Develop family rituals like praying together, eating together with your spouse and going to places including stores together as occasion permits.

=Improve on your own quality of life. Learning a new skill or trade will not be a waste. Improve your productivity and profitability.

=Don’t compare your relationship to other people’s relationships. There is no perfect relationship anywhere. Focus on building a lasting one.

=Examine then reason for your insecurity and commit yourself to God.

= Set some ground rules at the beginning.

=Agree as a spouse the standard of behaviours that respect the family/marriage bond

=Don’t let the relationship progress too far without discussing major issues.

=Seek help from a psychologist, psychiatrist or a Pastor/ mature Religious leader

=Have a positive affirmations. Tell yourself this relationship will work and do everything within your power to make it work.

=Don’t discuss your relationship issues with immature and paranoid friends

= Communicate with him/her your fears in a cool, relaxed and loving environment. Communication is key in relationship. Don’t keep mum or think he/she should/will figure it out. He might not be thinking in that direction

=Prayer for your spouse. Some things are not just ordinary, commit your relationship to Him in prayers. Psalm 127 vs 1.