The Power of Sacrifice


Power of sacrifice

Power of sacrifice

King of Moab offered a sacrifice that was outrageous or how would you explain his acts in 2 King 3 vs 26-27. What seven hundred warriors could not do, one outrageous sacrifice did.
What informed his position about such an offering? Well, he could have consulted his diviner. You need a prophet. I know everyone claims to be a prophet but some have the gift from God.
He offered his crown prince upon the wall. This idolatrous King offered up his son. What happened? Immediately, there was a great indignation in the camp of Israel. The battle turned dramatically in his favour. Israel and the other kings left the battle hurriedly and returned to their base. That is the power of a higher sacrifice.
If truth must be told, the level of your success and breakthrough will be directly proportional to the level of your sacrifice.
Romans 12 vs 1 enjoined us to offer ourselves up to God a living sacrifice. Have you surrendered yourself to God completely? Is your purse, time, certificates, emotion, gifts, talents offered to him completely and as a living sacrifice?
If you have prayed, fasted and lived a holy life and it seems there is still no way, why not try a higher sacrifice. I mean such a giving that will shake you. Whatever does not shake you might not shake God. Abraham did something outlandish, something crazy when he accepted to sacrifice his only son Isaac to God on Mount Moriah.
What is your Isaac that God wants to have? Offer it to God and see the battle turn in your favour.
If all you have ever given in your life is between N50 to N200, why don’t you try a higher notes, afterall, His deserves the best.
This might just be panacea you’ve been looking for. Why not allow the spirit of God to speak to you.
Ask the politicians, they understood the power of a higher sacrifice. A secular musician shocked me when he confessed that he went to Redemption camp to make a sacrifice when his album was released. He went with his seed and the master copy. The result of his action was overwhelming. He is such a big hit today.
The problems with so many Christians today is the issue of unbelief. There are so many unbelieving believers in our generation. This is just a piece from my yet to be released Book, The Power of Sacrifice.
Feel free to comment, question and add to the post. God bless you as you read and apply this principle.


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